Is There a Rat Inside Your Home?

Sola, one day you are cleaning in your kitchen and all the sudden you notice a big rat in your home. Maybe you are in your bedroom and notice it in the closet, or you see it behind the couch in your living room. It doesn't matter where you discovered it, you just know you need that Saint Paul rat out and out right now.

But what do you do here? How do you get rid of that Saint Paul rat so you ensure that it is in coming back into your home again? Those are good questions, but let's start with the most essential point that you need to consider first. The first thing most people do when they see a rat is to start panicking. It's understandable that this is disturbing, but you need to make sure you keep your head first. Don't get yourself all worked up; that that is not going to resolve the issue.

Your next thing you want to try to do is to contain the creature itself. If the Minnesota rat is in a cabinet try to see if you can close the cabinet so it can't get out or put something over the top of the rat like a gigantic bowl. If it is in your living room or a bedroom try to keep it closed in to some area using something like a plastic bin or a large salad bowl. Containment is that next focus for yourself. Before you do anything else let's address the next impulse that most people have after panicking. Most people think that the perfect solution is to send their cat or dog in to get that rat. This may seem like a great idea in a cartoon, that this can be dangerous to your pet if the Saint Paul rat were to bite it. Avoid this impulse.

What you want to try to do here is to capture the beast in some kind of container that you can keep it in control. One of the best things to use is to place our plastic Tupperware Container over the top of the Saint Paul rat. Once you have it contained in the container all you need to do is slide the land underneath the container so that the rat gets pushed inside, you close the lid, and dispose of the rat. If you are not able to contain the Minnesota rat in this way then you will need to buy a trap and place it in the room where you saw it.

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