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How to Keep Away Vultures

Vultures are scavenging Saint Paul birds of prey that tend to prefer the warmer or more temperate locations. Most people know that vultures like to congregate around roadkill or other dead animals, but vultures can also decide to come onto your property and make themselves at home. There are many reasons why you may not want a vulture on your property. The main reason is that its droppings can really make a mess in your yard. Fortunately there are several methods you can use to scare off a vulture and also some ways that you can use to prevent them from coming onto your Minnesota property in the first place.

Start by making loud noises like clapping the hands, playing too loud music, and banging pots or pans in order to scare the Saint Paul vultures away. The right time to do this is normally an hour before it turns dusk. It is also possible to buy a blackbird's distress sterling or call in order to scare the vulture away. Set up a timed or motion sprinkler in order to spray the vultures with a stream of water. You may also squirt the Minnesota vulture when it is on a perch. The best item to use is a scarecrow that is motion-activated that squirts water.

You may tie shiny objects like helium balloons, CD disks and strings up near the Minnesota vulture. The vultures may also be scared away by the use of hawk and owl decoys. You can also try shaking the tree that the vultures use to perch when it is near nightfall so that the vultures will fail to settle in. It will likely take a combination of two or more of these scare tactics to remove the Saint Paul vultures and keep them from coming back to the property.

A single vulture may not cause much of a problem in your yard, but if these Saint Paul birds start to congregate, you will want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They can damage your yard and create a disturbance to your household. As mentioned above, there are some very easy and effective ways of convincing these animals to leave your property. If you find that you still are not having much luck in eradicating the birds, you can contact a professional to help you. They will have the knowledge and experience needed to handle this type of Minnesota bird invasion.

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